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Grant Helps Build Williston Homes

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North Dakota received a grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Developments (HUD) almost three weeks ago, and Williston will be receiving some money from the grant. But, how much will it benefit housing?

"The state received about $2 million from the HUD in D.C.," says real estate broker Tate Cymbaluk. "What they've done is they've given a 128,000 plus or minus to the Williston Housing Authority."

Cymbaluk says the HUD program is designed for people with low to moderate income and there are certain programs out there that will help home owners achieve a lower interest rate.

"It will bring them up to code, make them more efficient and more economical," says Cymbaluk. "So, it's a good program. It's a good tool to have, and I hope the housing authority utilizes the money and the grants to obtain this money."

The grant is supposed to be directed to improving parts of houses or apartments, such as doors and windows. 

"The Williston Housing Authority has apartments on 18th St. They've got some across the bypass over near Dakota Parkway. I hope they utilize this money to improve those properties."

Cymbaluk says the housing authority will make the decision on what they will use the money on. Then, the city will send it to the capital so they can receive the money.

"These people deserve it," says Cymbaluk. "They pay maybe at a different level and that's fine, but they're no different at the end of the day than any one of us. They're entitled to this. This is their home. This is their apartment. This is where they live, and they're entitled to have efficient mechanisms."

There are a couple other counties that will receive grants. The Minot Housing Authority will receive over $307,000, and Burleigh County will receive over $385,000.


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