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Minot Rifle and Pistol Club Holds Session for Women

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Gunshots were firing at the Minot Rifle and Pistol Club shooting range Saturday afternoon as 12 women lined up to give it their best shot.

"The things some people take for granted because they've grown up with them their entire life and you know, we're just learning the basics right now," says Cameon Eisenzimmer, Minot Rifle and Pistol Club Secretary.

Babes with Bullets is a one day class designed to teach women all about firearms.  But, before they could head to the shooting range, the training begins in the classroom.

Ladies Action Shooting Camps Senior Instructor Lisa Munson says, "You always want to get them on the right footing, you always want to get them started with good basic gun safety techniques."

 "That way, you know when they actually get it in their hands, they feel comfortable and it's not, you know, a foreign object," says Eisenzimmer.  "You know, before they even step out onto the range and actually pick up that firearm."

For women like Jennifer Guidinger, she's no stranger to firearms.  But, she does lack confidence in certain areas.

"I've shot guns before.  But, typically, it's already loaded and ready to go and they just say okay, shoot.  I've never loaded my own gun before," says Guidinger. 

After learning the basic parts of the firearm in the classroom, the women took to the shooting range for some hands-on experience.  But, before the guns could be used, the women needed to get their handling down.

Eisenzimmer says, "We have them just practice their site picture, their stance, get used to it, pulling it up, keeping that finger off that trigger until they actually acquired their sites, getting ready before we ever load the gun and have it go bang that first time."

Once the women were comfortable, it was time to load the pistol, which is sometimes easier said than done, especially for beginners.

"It's funny to have the instructor standing next to you because it's like okay, breath," says Guidinger.

Like many of the women in the class, this is my first time holding a gun.  But, there's a few things you need to keep in mind: stance, site picture, and trigger.

Eisenzimmer says, "Probably the first 5 or 10 shots they take yes, they're very nervous.  They're very tense.  Oh my, it fired.  And, after that, they start seeing those hits on the target and then you can just see them start to smile and they're just so excited.  I hit that target.  I hit the target.  You know, they get really into it."

And, as the session continued, instructors began to see a transformation in the women, one shot at a time.

"Safety is always our biggest concern," explains Munson.  "With this again, we want them to leave not fearful of the gun, but respectful of the gun."

Eisenzimmer says, "My hope is that they just gain the confidence that if they have firearms in the home or come across it, they know what to do."

One of the most important things about using a firearm is making sure it fits correctly.  Women with firearms were asked to bring them to the camp, so the instructors could make sure the gun is the perfect fit.

For more information about future camps and programs, you can visit: www.minotrifleandpistol.com.


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