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Vintage Guitar Magazine Goes Digital

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A national magazine published in Bismarck is now available for digital download.

Vintage Guitar magazine started as a regional shopper for musicians 28-years-ago.
Back then, it was printed on newsprint in black-and-white.

"It grew and changed, and by the early nineties it was going well enough that I could do it full-time with it," says magazine publisher Alan Greenwood. "And ever since then, it's been Vintage Guitar and growing and changing and rolling with the changes."

And now, it's gone digital.

"It's kind of the wave of the future," says Greenwood. "Number one, we have a lot of fans overseas, and it's very expensive to get the magazine mailed over here. It costs about $100 a year for a subscription. So, if we can sell them a digital subscription for $14, $24, something like that, they're very happy. We get more readers."

The magazine is available on Kindle, Android, and Apple devices. And almost all of the work is done right here in Bismarck.

"We concentrate on the magazine. And then, as soon as it's done, that day, we  start the conversion of the articles," says creative director Doug Yellowbird.

The text is made larger, photos are resized and online links and videos are added.
And some content is exclusive to the online publication.

"Recently, Buckcherry was in town. We went down and did interviews with their guitar players. Luke Bryant was in town, and we did video interviews with his guitar player, and also a print interview in this issue. So, if you go to the digital one, you'll get the print interview with his guitar player and the video interview," says Greenwood.

But, Yellowbird says the days of print aren't coming to an end.

"It could replace it one day, but that's a long ways out. People still want print. But, I'm a fan of the digital," says Yellowbird.
He says digital publications are more social. And it's a good way to get involved in online communities.

Three free issues are available for download on iTunes.

And a free copy of May issue will be made available to those who follow the magazine on Facebook. For more information visit

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