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Bowdon Couple Celebrates 72nd Wedding Anniversary

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A Bowdon couple celebrated their 72nd wedding anniversary on Wednesday. Seventy-two years-ago, Robert and Dolores Sucket couldn't wait to be man and wife.

"Well, we took off one night and picked up his sister," says Dolores.

"One morning. I think it was 4 in the morning," says Robert.

"Oh no, it wasn't," says Dolores. "I don't think so. Anyway, we picked up his sister and went to Bismarck to get our blood test. And we had to hurry up to get back to Steele before they closed. And got married."

Robert says he proposed many times, and when she finally said yes, he couldn't wait any longer. He didn't have flowers or a ring, but it didn't stop him.

""She finally said yes, so we took off," says Robert. "Well, I had been going with her since, well, when school started, I suppose."

"Just a few months," says Dolores.

"Quite a few months. We'd been going until March," says Robert.

"Yeah, well, school starts in September," says Dolores.

"Yeah. So, September, October, November, January, February and March," says Robert.

"That was a long time, huh?" she says.

Robert and Dolores raised four kids on a farm outside of Bowdon. They didn't have much, but Robert built them a beautiful home. And they worked together to make ends meet.

"She did most of the milking. While I farmed, she did the milking. And that was when it was all done by hand," he says.

The couple moved to town in the '70s. Most days, they walk hand-in-hand to the Bowdon Cafe for a cup of coffee. The building has changed, but it holds a special place in their heats. They met at the old café 73 years ago.

Dolores says the key to a good marriage is to hang in and hang on.

"They always say, you look for grass to be greener on the other side, but it never is," says Dolores.

"Well, I don't think you even spent any time looking," says Robert.

"No. I didn't," she says.

The couple never had a honeymoon. But they enjoyed many family vacations and fishing getaways. And for Robert, Dolores was his best catch.

The Suckets say can't remember what they ate on their wedding day, but they ate pizza on Wednesday. And Robert says it was pretty good.

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