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State Increases Fines For Illegal Dumping

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Where there's an oil well there's oil waste.

Waste from fracking and various oil operations have been highlighted in recent weeks for being disposed of improperly.

Due to state law, radioactive filter socks can't be disposed of within the state, but that hasn't stopped the windsock like canvases from finding their ways into landfills.

The McKenzie county landfill is the only landfill in western North Dakota to use a drive through radiation system. If the truck has even just one sock, it will set off the alarm, and the truck will be fined. In the last three years, the landfill has increased it's fines on the socks.

"We ended up increasing the fine. The only way for this to stop is to hit people in the pocket books. And let them know we are absolutely serious about it as it is right now you bring in one filter sock it's $1,000. If you bring in 500 filter socks it's $500,000. There is no cap. I don't care if it's one or a million of them," says McKenzie County Landfill director Rick Schreiber.

Rick says that last year the Landfill took in 985 filter socks. He says his team expects to find them in every load, because socks have been found in commercial trucks to city trash trucks.

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