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Liver Transplant May Save Cancer Patient

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Marc Isas has been suffering from the symptoms of Carcinoid cancer for about two years, and doctors say the disease may have developed in his body when he was a teenager. 

"It's a very rare, slow moving cancer that starts in the small intestines," says Isas. 

Isas's cancer releases large amounts of serotonin that seeps into the blood, and causes symptoms like stomach cramping and diarrhea. 

"I was going to the bathroom ten plus times a day," says Isas.

The cancer has now spread to Mark's lymph nodes and onto his liver. Doctors say, because there is no cure for this kind of cancer, the best option is a liver transplant. 

"They're saying it's a 60/40 chance," says Isas. "Sixty percent chance that it might come back, and a 40 percent chance that it won't, and I'll be cured."

Doctors at Mayo Clinic also say the liver should come from a live donor, so now, Mark is asking for help from his family. 

"Going on a deceased donor list, I'll be there forever," says Isas. "I've got family and everything talking to Mayo, and they're going to have to go through a long evaluation as well."

Until a liver match is found, Isas is traveling to Mayo for procedures that help slow the cancer down. 

"They go through my main artery and they shoot chemo directly in the tumors on my liver-trying to get my symptoms under control," says Isas.

Even though Isas diagnosis has been an extremely scary experience he says he is doing his best to stay level-headed and think nothing but positive thoughts. 


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