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Don't Buy It Until We Try It: Stufz

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It may be winter, but it's never too soonto start thinking about grilling season. And, for all of you burgerlovers, there may be a new gadget to help you make stuffed burgers like a professional.

The burgers are on the grill, the Frenchfries are going into the fryer and the milkshakes are being spun as the BurgerShack in Mohall prepares for the lunchtime rush.

"When it starts to get warm,we'll make at least 150 burgers a day," says the owner of Burger Shack Pam Howery.

The Stufz Burger Maker sells foraround $10 and promises to make stuffed burgers like a pro.

"It definitelylooks like a hamburger press, but it's interesting for sure," says Howery. "And it'scompletely made of plastic?  Yes, completely. What do you think thequality of that is?  Mediocre."

But, before we could start makingthose perfectly stuffed patties, we had to read through all the directions,which proved to be quite a challenge. Initially, we were confused on whatto do with each piece of the burger maker. But, after looking over thebox again, we figured it out.

First step: Just place one patty onthe bottom of the Stufz Burger Maker.

"Then, you're supposed to swooshthis, so it makes a cup in it," says Howery.

Next, it was time to stuff ourburger with our favorite filler: Cheese. Since it doesn't specify say howmuch to use, we just added a few handfuls.

"It looksyummy," says Howery.

We once again closed and pressed thehandle down firmly to seal the top and bottom. But, removing the meat waseasier said than done.

"I should have probably oiledit, but it looks nice," says Howery.

On average, a single patty takesabout 10 minutes to fully cook. Since we were making a stuffed burgerwith two patties, it took a little longer. Getting the patties to line up was a little challenging at first, but once they started tosizzle, things began to change.

And, after much anticipation, theburger was ready to take off the grill and finally try out.

The burger is delicious, but we'renot pros just yet.

"I thought it was okay," says Howery.  "Itwould definitely take a few uses to get the most out of it I think."

I willadmit the burger was great, but making it was a little bit of achallenge. From reading the directions and trying to figure out how toshape and stuff the meat in the burger maker, it was not easy. Not tomention, cooking it on the grill posed another set of challenges.

Thisis something you will need to practice several times before youare good at it.

So, this week's Don't Buy It, UntilWe Try It, earns a thumbs down.

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