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Dickinson Students Begin New Chapter

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In just two days, Trinity faculty, staff and administration, in conjunction with the Dickinson Public Schools, have come up with a strategy to relocate and teach more than 250 junior high and high school students.

The logistics of the plan are a work in progress but come Monday, the final quarter of the 2014 school year will begin at four different buildings.

Several hundred Catholic school parents, students, teachers and administrators crammed into Queen of Peace Church to sing, worship and pray on Ash Wednesday.

The beginning of Lent wasn't the only reason so many of the faithful attended Mass. After the service, a majority of the congregation remained in their pews to get answers to a litany of questions that are causing them concern.

"Beginning next week, junior high students will attend Prairie Rose Elementary, ninth-graders will be taught at Berg Elementary, sophomores will blend into Hagen Middle School and Trinity junior and seniors will finish high school in the Pine Room of St. Joseph's Catholic Church," says Monsignor Patrick Schumacher.

"I can say my kids yesterday were nervous and wondering what was going to happen and today I just got to talk to a couple of them, and they realized that things will go and they will have the things that they're used to in maybe a different way," says parent Darcy Stafford.

Schumacher says the redistribution of several hundred Catholic students would never have been possible without the cooperation and support of the Dickinson Public Schools.

"We have a common destiny, and when your neighbor's in need, we reach out to each other and do what we can to help, that's going on here. I'm confident that if the roles were reversed, Dickinson Catholic Schools would be helping us," says Superintendent Douglas Sullivan.

Students signed off on the emergency plan, but not without some concerns.

"I'm scared because we're going to be in different buildings. I don't know how we're going to stay connected with all the grades because I have friends in every class," says senior Molly Schweitzer.

The one question that no one had an answer for was why someone would want to destroy Trinity High School and turn their lives upside down.

"If it turns out that he did actually cause it, there will be definitely a lot of hurt and anger.  In time we'll learn to forgive, but as of right now it's not the easiest thing to do," says senior Allison Meyer.

An application to waive the days that will be missed this week has been sent to the Department of Public Instruction, and beginning Monday, the Trinity students and teachers will begin writing the final chapter of the 2014 school year.

Dickinson State University is providing desks for all the students relocated to new buildings. There will be open houses for parents and students this Sunday at all the temporary classrooms.


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