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Easter Lilies And Cats Don't Mix

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Many common household items can pose a threat to our cuddly companions.

Recently, veterinarians have seen a rise in pets mistaking colorful dishwasher detergent pods for toys, which can be a fatal mistake.

"We had one dog die recently from eating a detergent pod," says Dr. Tyler Hunskor a veterinarian at West Oaks Animal Hospital.

While cleaning supplies seem to be the main attraction on a long list of unfriendly pet items, some of those pretty plants you keep around the house can also prove to be dangerous. For cats, eating any part of a lily will shut down their kidneys within 24-48 hours.

Niki Brose, the owner of Flower Central in Minot says that many people come in and explain they cannot have Poincianas because of their pets, and now lilies are being added to that list.

It's not just plants like lilies that could be fatal to your pets. There are some silent dangers that you might not know about.

Dr. Hunskor says the biggest issue with pets are silent poisons that slowly cause health problems. That can be something as little as food scraps off the table.

Feeding your pet human food means giving them the same calorie intake that you give yourself. Simply put, our pets just can't stomach the same food as us. It could also lead to overweight pets that are more prone to heart disease and diabetes, kidney disease and joint problems because they are carrying more weight than they normally would.

The best treatment is prevention, so pet owners should opt for lean treats and put those toxic household items in a safe place.

If your pet does get into any toxic household items, you should use hydrogen peroxide to induce vomiting and also call your vet.

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