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Aviation Students Build Airplane

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It took more than three years, 50 students and countless hours in the classroom, but it's finally done. The aviation class's Piper Cub airplane is hanging in the Bismarck Public Schools Career Academy atrium.

The class has already started another airplane project. Once students are finished building the Van's R-12 plane, instead of hanging it somewhere in the building, they're going to fly it.

First year aviation students learn the basics of flying, the importance of flight patterns and study computer simulations.

Students Trey Iszler and James Schultz are happy to be doing more than the basics.
"Just thinking about building the plane. Being in aviation class, that's what makes me get up in the morning and actually want to come to be an early bird, every day," says Schultz.

"I joined the first year at the beginning of the year. I didn't know if I wanted to go on to the second year. And after the first year and seeing this is kind of really enjoyable. I absolutely love it," says Iszler.

The boys also worked on the wooden plane, but say it's not as fun as building this one. They had to cut out the wooden pieces, then glue, drill and fasten them together. It sounds simple, but it took months.

The pieces of the metal Vans Airplane are cut out when they arrive, and while the students still have to polish, drill and fasten them together, it takes less time.

"The learning that's gonna take place, it might seem like you're having a bunch of fun, and it is. It is fun. But you're learning at the same time. And you having something that you're proud of when you leave and say, 'You know what? I made that,'" says Career Academy director Dan Hoerauf

This plane isn't for show.

"So, this one's gonna fly. When this one's done it'll be out at the airport," says aviation teacher Mike McHugh. 

The Eagle's Nest organization is paying for the plane, but that's not all they're doing.

"In the end, they actually help, provide our students with some flight training in the aircraft that they built," says McHugh.

Students will receive 20 hours of free flight training.

The aviation class is aiming to have the plane finished by next year.

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