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Governor Dedicates Week to Snow Plow Operators

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There's not much snow on the ground for plows to clear, but the governor is still taking time to recognize operators and has declared this week snow plow operator week.

For the last 25 years Craig Sperling has been plowing the streets during and after winter storms right here in North Dakota.

"I'm on the night crew, so my day starts at 3 in the afternoon and goes until 11:30 at night," says Sperling.
During a snow event he spends that time, along with many of the 355 plow operators in the state, doing what they can to get everything cleared up.

"Usually each operator has his or her own route and they'll maintain those roads. But if certain conditions call for certain things they will gang plow. They'll go out and help each other out and make sure that the roads that are seeing the affects of the snow are actually being treated," says operations engineer Brandon Beise.

And while they're on the road they stay in constant communication with each other and the Department of Transportation.

"Weather fronts usually move in from the West. So, the western drivers will call into the eastern drivers and say 'We're starting to see our snow now,' and it will prepare the eastern side to deal with what the eastern guys are seeing," says Beise.

And even when there's not a snow storm, they still have plenty of work to keep them busy.

"They're our summer maintenance guys, they're responsible for cleaning some debris off the roads. When we get into the flooding they're out there working with the flooding. They're out all over the place all the time," says Beise.

And Sperling says the best way to show appreciation is to,

"Give us some room, give us some room."

A road map showing the conditions during a snow event can be found at

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