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NDUS launches New Website: NDChoose.com

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Deciding what to do after high school isn't easy...go straight into the workforce? Or get a college degree first? 

Officials at the North Dakota University System launched a website to help make that decision a little easier.

NDChoose.com features almost every North Dakota college and university with various majors, financial aid descriptions and more.

Bismarck High School senior Sam Miller already knows he wants to go to college in North Dakota.  

He even knows what he wants to study. What he's unsure of is where he'll go. Traveling from college to college could be costly. To save time and money, he uses NDChoose. 

Sam said, "It's from the comfort of my house. I mean it's easily accessible. So I mean, I would, it's perfect I'd say."

This website does more than help students choose, it can also teach them. TaTiana Cash asked Sam how much he knew about  Financial Aid and the FASFA. 

"Umm, not a lot. I'd probably say my mom is the powerhouse of knowledge. So I'd definitely go with her opinion on that. I mean, it be nice to know a lot more for sure,"said Sam.

North Dakota University System officials said this isn't just for students. 

 "It's for all of those who have an interest in attending college. It's for parents, so they know what's the best college or university choice for their child,"Linda Donlin, Director of Communications and Media Relations for North Dakota Universities system. 

Mandan High School counselor, Alyssa Caya, said this is great for students who may not know what North Dakota schools have to offer.

"Instead of using one booklet or going to one website. They have access to all of them. And they don't just have access to college information and program information. But they can also access FASFA information and financial aid information at the same time." She said. 

Counselors, students, and parents all agree this website is a one stop shop for students looking.

North Dakota University System administrators say the website is accessible on the computer, smartphones, and tablets so students don't have to carry around various college information packets. 

To Find out more visit ND University System facebook page.

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