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Artificial Sun Comes With Consequences

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Whether preparing for prom or that Caribbean vacation, many of us jump in the tanning bed to get some artificial rays.

"I'm going to be going on vacation for spring break, so just trying to get a tan before I go there," says tanner, Shelby Eamon. 

We all know skin safety is a concern when it comes to tanning beds, and if you decide to tan, keep in mind, doctors say cancer is a big risk. 

"The skin cancer that we're talking about is the kind that needs not only to remove the lesion, but you're talking about radiation and further follow-ups," says Dr. Jessica Carlson. 

But salon owners tell us, if kept in moderation, and the right precautions are taken, tanning can bring your body the vitamin D it needs.

"The tanning process is a drying process, particularity this time of year," says owner of Island Breeze and New Image Salon, Greg Weimer. "The air is dry, the humidity is down. Drinking extra fluids will help. Using a good moisturizer after you shower." 

North Dakota State law says anyone who tans must wait 24 hours in between sessions, and that law is even more strict when it comes to minors. 

"If they're under 18, the parent has to sign for them," says Weimer. "So, I think there is a little more responsibility now so that they're not tanning at more than one place in the 24 hour period of time."

So, if you decide to tan artificially, remember there are risks. It will give you that healthy glow, but it can also cause some serious health problems. 

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