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Beatles Celebrate Ed Sullivan Appearance

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It's been 50 years since the Beatles took America by storm, but the music of the Fab Four still resonates with fans of all ages.

When they performed on the Ed Sullivan Show, the group sang five songs to a screaming audience of teenage girls and a national audience of 70 million viewers. And it was a night that many who watched remember well.

"I remember watching it. Of course it was black and white, and I was probably 12 or 13 years old. They started out with real simplistic songs like 'She Loves You' and they just evolved into great song writers and performers.  I think their lyric content means so much so think that's why the Beatles have just stood the test of time," says Mojo DJ Bob Denver.

"I kind of look at it as my own little personal transition from maybe childhood to teenager hood," says Janis Cheney, AARP State Director.

"I had no clue who the Beatles were so I hung up the phone and told my sisters I think I said the bugs are on TV, you've got to turn on Ed Sullivan," remembers Lyle Halverson, AARP Communications Director.

After their television appearance, the Beatles produced hit after hit.

"One was probably I saw her standing there, that was probably the first single I bought," says  Denver.

Cool 98.7 DJ, J.J. Hemingway went for a lesser known tune, "The night before, not a big hit I think it hit number 35 on the top 40 but still one of my favorite songs I remember as a little kid."

Rhythm Records manager Richard Loewen's favorite album is a live recording from the Hollywood Bowl, which is a small piece of Beatlemania pressed in vinyl.

"I just like what the album represents when you hear the album and you actually hear people screaming. They were screaming before the music, after the music they were screaming in between songs, it just never stops. It sounds like wind," says Loewen.

Regardless of the passage of time, hearing the Beatles music reminds fans of places they remember.

"It's a trip down memory lane, to figure out ok I was here, I was working there, it's really nostalgic," says Denver.

Hemingway says the Beatles will continue to have a staying power, "50 years from now the Beatles music will still be relevant. No one else will ever be like the Beatles. We have some great musicians out there, don't get me wrong, but no one is going to be like these guys."

CBS held a tribute to the band last night, featuring tributes from many current artists. Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney took the stage and closed the show by singing some of their most popular songs.


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