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BHS Students Answer If War is Necessary

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This week Bismarck High teachers in the American Pageant class didn't have to lead discussions because the students were teaching. The class worked on a Project Based Learning exercise which is different from traditional research.

Students have to do more than just answer a question with a memorized answer.

The students worked for months on the topic is war necessary? Writing individual drafts, interviewing veterans, reading article after article and more. Project Based Learning challenges students to do more that use Google, it forces students to challenge themselves.

Sydney, Jade, Alicia, Denille and Kennedy are smiling and relaxed because they already presented. Bismarck area legislators, classmates and their teachers agree, they did a great job.

"I mean it feels good, but it takes, like, the group. It takes a group to do a good job. It doesn't take one. All of us combined to do well together," say student, Jade Voller.

That's not to say they weren't worried about speaking on the topic, at least at first.

"I was really nervous after the first part. But once we started talking through it, I just, it flowed. really easy," says Kennedy Heims.

The girls talked about mental illness as an after effect of war. Each of the girls picked a different illness, and developed their own reasoning. Each group wrote individual papers and a group paper, combining their ideas into one opinion.

"I found it hard answer that question because I do think that war is a necessary thing. But I think it's a very negative thing that happens. So I didn't do the take on is war necessary. I did the outcome of war," says Denille O'Reagan.

Students read articles, make citations, use persuasive writing skills and conduct interviews. That's just one half of the project.

"Goal today is to be able to share your knowledge, you know, you just need to know power of your voice. One thing they have to be able to realize it that if there's a problem or an issue in your society, or your community, you want to be able to reserve that. Then who do you go to talk to? Who do you get help? How do you solve problems?"says Social Studies teacher Robin Nein.

Project Based Learning is most commonly used in college level courses. But BHS teachers say it can be used as early as kindergarten, because students want to do more with their work.

Students worked from October until their presentation day, working on the finishing touches. However, they're not done yet, the students have to write a final paper using the critiques they got from their presentations.


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