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Williston Man Creates Custom Barns

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When thinking of barns, it's quite easy to picture a cookie cutter building with not much design flare or unique character. Warren Wilkinson came to Williston to change your interpretation of custom barns forever.

Wilkinson has been around barns his whole life. He has experience creating custom homes but, he didn't think that was quite what Williston needed.

"I grew up on a dairy farm, so farms are kind of in my blood. I've done custom homes, and it didn't feel like the market was here for that. So, I thought I would approach the farmers and the rural people about something like this, a hobby barn, a utility barn, a home barn, whatever they want to turn it into," says Wilkinson.

This stunning, custom barn took Wilkinson about a year to complete. He did the entire project by himself, and also came up with design. The attention to detail is what makes this building not only a piece of art, but also livable.

"It's built so its pegged- no nails, this lumber here comes from Wisconsin, it's Eastern White Pine. It's mixed with modern technology, in floor heat, high efficiency equipment and so on."

A lot of the odds and ends Wilkinson used to pull the house together were scraps from local farmers

"The different fixtures and so on, are all made out of leftovers from farmers. The wheels, the lights and so on, there's a lot of interesting things. But, everything is made here and nothings really imported other than the lumber," says Wilkinson.

While his target audience is local farmers, Wilkinson has been surprised with who else has shown interest in his projects.

"I figured it would appeal maybe to upper incomes, but mostly I think the farmers and people with rural properties that want to enhance it with a nice kind of building like this. It's been surprising that the women have been very receptive to this whole style. So, that's a bit of a surprise, I thought it'd be the men, but it's the women," he says. 

Wilkinson decided to start these projects in Williston because he feels the area could use a little something different to spice it up a bit. The feedback so far has been extremely positive.

To visit the barn or get more information from Wilkinson himself you can call him at 815-378-0867 or email him at w.wilconsin@sbcglobal.net. The barn is located two and a half miles past Love's Truck Stop. 


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