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Do-It-Yourself: Space Heaters

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Most of us recognize the old milk house heater. It's the old metal case with the handle. It can be a great utility heater for a utility room, a garage or a work space. They are tough, almost indestructible. They have a safety switch, where if they fall the element will shut off. The disadvantage with this is they use little wires inside, which heats the air, which in turn is supposed to heat you.  Every time you walk into a room you can smell the air burning from those little wires. It's not the most efficient thing. They will all use 1,500 watts of power.

The next heater is a ceramic heater. This comes from a company called Pelonis. They kind of pioneered this type of heater. These heat up the little ceramic pads inside and help hold the heat. So even when this isn't running, it will still heat the area.

There's another heater called Eden Pure. You will see others out there like it. This is an infrared heat heater.  It heats objects in the room, and it doesn't rely on heating the air.  This is quiet and the cabinet surrounding it is very cool to the touch. Anytime you use one of these, keep it away from drapery or anything that is flammable. And of course, never have one around pets or children.

One ting that is also pretty efficient is an oil filled heater. It looks like an old radiator heater. And that's what it does, it radiates the heat. It heats up a type of oil inside that remains hot after it's turned off. This one has some neat gadgets on it. It turns, has an LED read out and a remote control. But it still puts out the same amount of heat and wattage.

And as always, get a good extension cord for your heater.

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