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Don't Buy It Until We Try It: Callous Clear

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Maybe you find by ugly calluses embarrassing, or just wish you could make them go away. Well, there may be a foot treatment kit out there to help you get rid of them within minutes.  In this week's "Don't Buy It, Until We Try It," I tried out Callous Clear.

The winter can cause problems for hands and feet if you're not careful.

"Yeah, they get pretty dry when the weather starts turning cold," says Janet Clifford, Mirror Mirror Hair Stylist.

To hopefully soften the dry skin on our feet, we decided to try out Callous Clear, foot treatment kit. 

It sells for around $5 and promises to soften and smooth your feet within just minutes.

"It might be nice for home maintenance kind of thing to see if they can keep the dry skin down or big calluses," says Clifford. 

We opened up the package and glanced through the instructions.

"This one says it's a softening gel and it works fast and then, this one is a foot balm," says Clifford.

Step one: Apply the softener gel to the driest area your foot.  In this case, it was the heel.

But, this step can actually be done two ways: either apply the gel to the foot or the foot patch.

"There we go," says Clifford. 

We waited a few minutes for the gel to soak in.  And, after much anticipation, it was finally time to find out if the Callous Clear actually worked.

"I don't think it's taken anything off," says Clifford.

To remove the remaining dead skin, we used the Callous Clear file.

"And, nothing's really working," says Clifford. 

You'll notice the foot still looks the same.  The dry skin is still there.  To finish up, it was time to moisturize with the foot balm. 

"A balm usually means it's a thicker heavier lotion," says Clifford.

We compared the foot that got the Callous Clear treatment with the foot that was buffed with a salon style file, but they didn't stack up.

Clifford says, "I don't think it did a lot of good.  But, I guess, you know, it's better than nothing.  So, if you don't have anything you're doing, maybe this would be helpful."

So, this week's "Don't Buy It, Until We Try It," earns a thumbs down.

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