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Care Center Moves to New Address

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The Baptist Health Care Center, formerly the Baptist Home, moved to its new location today. And it required the help of hundreds of staff and volunteers.

It was a chilly December morning. But subzero temperatures didn't freeze the excitement at the Baptist Health Care Center. Residents bundled up and braved the elements to settle into their new home.

Patrick Hargrave was the first person on the bus.

"Everybody is pretty excited about getting into a new place. There's going to be walking areas and stuff. It could be a little warmer," Hargrave says.

But it was about more than relocating 140 residents. The move also served as an emergency evacuation exercise. And it provided a unique experience for public health officials.

"We're not using people who are pretending to be residents, we're actually helping the residents themselves. So, we have to make sure their needs are met, they're kept nice and warm, they're comforted, and even anxiety issues. We have to make sure all the residents are well taken care of while we take them up there," says emergency preparedness coordinator, Crystalynn Kuntz, Bismarck-Burleigh Public Health. 

The state health department dedicated two buses for the event.

The effort required the help of hundreds of staff members and volunteers and took months of planning. The evacuation process was a success, but the highlight of many people's day was being welcomed to their new home.

"It's their first time seeing the new building. They're families have seen it, because they were given an advance opportunity to move their personal belongings earlier. So, their families have seen it, but this is the first chance the residents are seeing the new building and their new room," says Robert Dahl, CEO, Elim Care.

"So far, it's beautiful. I mean, what a difference from the blah old hallways. You know, some of my cousin's who come up here to play cards and stuff are just looking forward to getting up here and plopping in front of the fireplace to play cards," says Hargrave.

The new building is much larger and is divided into several neighborhoods.

"Every neighborhood of 20-24 people has their own dining space, activity space, and their own services," says Dahl.

The new building also includes a new chapel and state of the art memory care center.

The new Baptist Health Care Center is located at 3400 Nebraska Drive.


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