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Police Issue Parking Tickets for Plow Efficiency

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Dickinson got another hit of snow yesterday, and it's piling up.  But drifts aren't necessarily the biggest issue for Dickinson's snow plows. Police are stepping in to help plows solve a different problem that seems to be getting worse.

There are more people living in Dickinson, and with that comes more cars.
But with few places to park, those cars are starting to get in the way of snow plows. 

Jayden Peters\Dickinson Police\Dickinson Parking Problems]


The snow came down fast in Dickinson, and it hasn't been easy to get out. Plows and sand trucks are having troubles getting around.

"There's certain sections of the city that are signed out, that say no parking during snow emergencies or snow events, and people tend to ignore it," says street operations manager Brent Coulter.

Now, more people are finding tickets on their windshield. Dickinson police are giving them out to people parked in spots for more than two days.

"It makes it difficult for them to do their job when somebody's parked in a spot more than a 48-hour period. So, we are trying to enforce a little more so with winter coming," says Jayden Peters, Dickinson Police.

Even though Dickinson police say they crack down every winter on parking tickets, this year is a little different. 

"Everybody knows that our population has just gone through the roof with the amount of workers that are new to the area. And if there's multiple workers living in a single home, you might have three or four different vehicles for that one home. Sometimes, a lot more than that," says Coulter.

They've seen everything from trucks to trailers taking up room on residential streets.

"If your vehicle doesn't move, plows go around it, it makes the street narrower, harder for emergency vehicles to get where they need to go," says Peters.

And the city street operations team says it is hoping issuing more parking tickets will mean more room to plow.

"The law enforcement cooperation, I think people are going to start to become more aware," says Coulter.

Each parking ticket is $15.

Dickinson police say they can't be everywhere at once so if you notice a car parked in the same spot for more than two days, give them a call.


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