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Volunteer Helps Sanford's Accounts Payable

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There's an old riddle that goes, "how do you eat an elephant?' The answer is: One bite at a time. I found a man who's doing something comparable, and he's smiling about it.

Ron Zieszler is no stranger to computers, having dealt with software changes during his career. Now, he's a retired volunteer, and he's learning a new task to help out the accounts payable department at Sanford Health.

"There's a lot of places in town that have a need. But there's us that have a need to do something. And so that's a really good match when you can do that," says Ron Zieszler.

He's sorting invoices for everything the hospital has purchased, then scanning them, and then indexing them so everything can be accessed by computer. And he'll be at it for a while. There are five filing cabinets stuffed with paperwork. And those just date back to July 1.

"Anything that is inventory in the hospital, whether it's Kleenexes, it's surgical pieces of equipment, it's anything the hospital would need on a day to day operation that we have ordered, we have an invoice for, which we have paid, which then needs to be turned around and scanned and indexed," says Travis Bren.

Ron's work is important because it will help reduce storage costs and space and make the records permanent.

"It's not a headache, it's something to do. You know, when you work, I worked for MDU for 39 years. And you just don't go from working every day to doing nothing," says Zieszler.

And this is far from nothing. The full time staff is keeping up with all the purchases made since the software change, but digging into the past is Ron's domain.

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