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Do-It-Yourself: Christmas Lights

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In this week's Do It Yourself, Jeff Hinz gets into the Christmas spirit and shows us tips for hanging up our lights.

Most of us have shingles or a rain gutter on the house,  there a lot of clips that either go on the shingles or the rain gutter with out pounding things into your trim. One of my favorite ones is called an all in one clip. It's a strange clip and hard to use if you don't know how to use it. But it will go nicely onto a rain gutter, or it works just as easily going under the shingles on a house.

What's really nice about these is when you get your light bulbs, it will hold your bulb securely and this how people get the nice straight looking on the house when they put their lights up.

A lot of folks just hang by the wire and the bulbs go which ever way they want to. But if you get this one under the shingle those bulbs will be perfectly straight along the house. Or if we do it the other way and put it on the rain gutter, again perfectly straight across the house.

Now that's one that's made for the bigger type of light bulb, there's also a clip called an all in one, for the little tiny bulbs that you see and they will hold them in place.

If you have to nail those bulbs onto a piece of trim, there's a new stapler out that can do just that. It's called a light tacker, the staples are made to go around the wire and they have little insulators to protect the wires. Nothing penetrates the wire -- it's really safe.

There are a lot of different hooks for hanging things around the house. Adhesives, siding clips, brick clips and all sorts of other clips that will go around the house. Hanging Christmas wreaths is another deal. We have hooks that hang over the door. We also have magnets that you can stick together on either side of your glass screen door. Just click them together and then hang them from the hook.

These are the Christmas things you can do yourself.

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