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Minot Public Schools Experience Growing Pains

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With more families moving into the Minot community, all of the Minot Public school buildings are almost at full capacity.

And, because of that growth, teachers have been forced to hold classes in portables.

On Tuesday morning, "The Yes for Students Committee," a group of local residents came together in support of the public school bond election that will be voted on in December.

In the last five years, more than 1,000 students have been added to the Minot Public School system.

And, if the growth continues, the school system could have an additional thousand students by 2017.

"And if you really take a look at that right now we have enough kids in all these portables that we could fill one entire section for a brand new elementary school," says Daryl Somerville, Chairman of Yes for Students Committee.

Due to the rapid growth, The Yes for Students Committee met in support of the proposed 125 million dollar school bond. If the bond was issued, it would pay for a new 550 student elementary school in southeast Minot and 9 through12 high school north Minot. And, would also leave room for renovations to the other schools.

There are now a total of 23 portable classrooms on school grounds throughout the entire school system.

Since these portables were only supposed to be a temporary solution to a larger problem, Somerville says they were not designed like a traditional classroom.

"A lot of times they're located on the playground where kids are out at recess. They are kind of disruptive to the class and last but not least, there are no rest rooms in these portables," says Somerville.

"We've gone from about 225 kids per flood. We're up to 327 kids today. So, that's kind of why we have the portables out there," says Ed Sehn, Principal at Perkett Elementary.

This is the second year in a row Sehn, has had to put two fourth grade classes outside the school building in portable classrooms. And, because their class sizes are expanding, they've been forced to make changes to their daily routine.

"We are one of the few schools left in the district that does not have a lunch room. With our growth, we feed in the gym. With our growth, it's really become a problem," says Sehn.

On December 10th, residents can vote on this school bond.

The topic of taxes came up in the conference this morning and according to Somerville, he says that the 2013 taxes are a lot less than they were in 2012.

That being said, if the bond is issued, it will phase in over a five year timeline and the taxes won't reach the numbers it did in 2012. 

For more information on the school bond and where to vote, you can visit www.minot.k12.nd.us and click on the bond issue link.



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