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Don't Buy It Until We Try It: Stone Wave

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When you're on the go, it can be hard to come home and put a hot meal on the table. But, there may be an easy way to make gourmet dishes in minutes. In this week's "Don't Buy It, Until We Try It," reporter Amy Fox tries out Stone Wave, the microwave cooker.

"It's very hard to go to classes, have a job, make that time and afford to have those nutritious meals," says Minot State University senior Tiffany Jaeger.

For Jaeger, college living means eating lots of macaroni and cheese, popcorn, and Ramen noodles.  But, to change up the menu a bit, we're trying out Stone Wave. It sells for around $10 and promises to help you make gourmet dishes in minutes.


We look through the recipe book, but all of the suggestions call for multiple ingredients and are fairly complicated.  So, we opt to make "traditional" college foods, like microwavable scrambled eggs.

"So, we're just going to rub [the butter] in there," says Jaeger.  "Here we go."

We scramble the eggs and add milk and cheese.

"And, there's the lid. And it's not touching the microwave walls like it said in the directions.  And, [heat] for 45 seconds," says Jaeger.

And, less than a minute later, we have scrambled eggs.

"Definitely, there it is," says Jaeger.  "I was a little skeptical of microwave eggs.  I wasn't too sure about it, but it's good.  I'm impressed."

Next, it's time to try to make some Raman noodles. We pour the noodles and water in the Stone Wave, and they're ready to heat up.

"It's kind of tricky because it could just slip off using both hands," explains Jaeger.

After three and a half minutes, it's time to pull them out of the microwave.

When pull the Stone Wave out of the microwave, you may want to use extra caution. It heats up very quickly.

"Very good," says Jaeger.

If you want to add variety and switch up your microwave menu, this is just the product for you.  It's easy to use and clean up, especially if you're always on the go. So, this week's "Don't Buy It, Until We Try It" earns a thumbs up.

If there are any "As Seen on TV" products you would like reporter Amy Fox to try out, email her at or leave her a message on the KMOT Facebook page.

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