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Dan's Garden: Fruit Trees

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Well, I'm sure you've all noticed that groceries cost a lot more than they used to and a lot of people now are growing trees that bear fruit in their own yards and saving money.

Apple trees are easy to grow here. This one is a little different though because there's three trees in one and they even bear at a young age so you can have three different varieties and not take up so much room.

Pear trees are easy to grow, too. A lot of people don't believe that, but pears are very common around here. This has a pair of pears on it, which reminds me that you need at least two different kinds of pears to pollinate, and two different kinds of apples to pollinate each other.

Even apricots are easy to grow here too, and apricots usually bear in their second or third year, and they're very sweet, very juicy and good to eat.
Related to apricots are plums and cherries. Usually in the second year, you'll have a lot of cherries on a tree, and they're very good for pies or some are good for eating fresh.

Some fruits are easy to grow too like this grape vine here. There are many varieties that are suitable for here, and there's other small fruits you can grow here too like raspberries, strawberries, grapes, and blueberries and rhubarb.

So grow your own, save some money, get some nice trees. And next week, we're going to be on the road traveling and showing some other ideas.

And until then, good gardening.

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