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Minot Swim Club Back at Roosevelt

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Swimmers growing up in the Minot Swim Club could always count on having the Roosevelt Pool for their home water. But as a different kind of water flooded the pool two years ago, the kids were left with nowhere to swim outdoors. Now the pool is open and the Minot Swim Club finally has a home again.

This wasn't just any regular swim meet. There were the familiar sights of the timers and the scorekeepers, yet, it all seemed different.

"We've been looking forward to this day for two years now and we're just so excited to be able to race outside again," said Spencer Wheeling, coach of the Minot Swim Club.

The Minot Swim Club was back home this week hosting their first outdoor meet in two years. The 2011 flood erased any hope for the kids in the club to swim in the familiar waters of the Roosevelt pool. Because of the flood, the Minot Swim Club has had to practice in the Minot State swimming pool for the past two summers which is only 25 yards. Now they've upgraded, going from this to this. The Minot Swim Club is finally back home at Roosevelt in a 50 meter pool.

"Swimming in a short course pool for a long time, you're getting used to just going down and back in short distance. Now in long distance, it's so much harder to get back in to it. It takes awhile but it's worth it.," swimmer McKenna Brown said.

 Moving from indoors to outdoors isn't just about the length of the pool, there's also another side effect, '"The college pool is really, really warm so you sweat a lot in the pool actually," said Gerald Brown.

Not being able to swim at Roosevelt for the past two summers has made the kids realize to not take anything for granted. "We're more motivated now to swim in this pool. Before we were just kind of like every morning we'd wake up and come here, but now that we didn't have it for two years, now we kind of realize, ok we really got to start working hard now that we have this pool again," said Josie Gillund.

"To get back in this pool, doing long course with the team again, having morning practice for two hours with the coach is awesome, I love it," McKenna said.

The club hopes to add one more meet at Roosevelt next summer. They go to Bismarck next week for the state outdoor meet.


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