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Don't Buy It, Until We Try It: Plaque Blast

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Brushing your pet's teeth with a toothbrush to get rid of plaque can be a challenge.  But, there may be an easier way.

In this week's "Don't Buy It, Until We Try It,' I tried out Plaque Blast.

When you go to brush your cat or dog's teeth, it can be pretty difficult because they're always moving around. 

Well, one product might be able to help you out. It's called the Plaque Blast. It's a dog and cat oral spray. But, will it actually help you clean your pet's teeth?  Well, "Don't Buy It, Until We Try It."

As animals age, so do their teeth.

"We do get older cats and dogs in that, you know, kind of tell the age of them by how much tartar they have on their teeth," says Souris Valley Animal Shelter kennel supervisor Vanessa Carms.

But, if the owner doesn't keep up on their pet's oral health, it can lead to more severe dental problems.

Carms says, "A lot of times, they have to have their teeth pulled, because it's just rotted away at the gum line so badly."

To prevent another trip to the dentist, we decided to put Plaque Blast to the test. And we had to get a little help from a friendly and easygoing cat named Digby.

But, with animals, anything is possible.

"I don't know, we'll see how it goes," says Carms.

As we began to open up the package, Digby was pretty curious about what was going on.

Then, we read through the instructions.

We added the activator to the Plaque Blast, shook it up, and it was ready to use.

"We'll try to get it on the teeth and see hot it goes from there," says Carms.  "I think we're only going to get one shot at this."

Initially, Digby didn't move around too much. But, once we did a couple of squirts, he was done. 

Carms says, "I think it really depends on the personality of the animal.  So, some may be very tolerant of it, and others might be tolerant the first time and then any other time, they'll know it's not a good thing coming at them."

The product is really easy to use. Just a few squirts and you're good to go. 

So, this week's "Don't Buy It, Until We Try It" earns a thumbs up.

If there are any "As Seen on TV" products you would like me to try out, email me at or leave me a message on the KMOT Facebook page.

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