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Healthy Living Today: A Better Picture

People can go to the chiropractor for a variety of ailments like sore backs, headaches and more. One chiropractic provider in Bismarck is using technology to get a better picture of her patient's needs before they get their adjustment.

Since every one of her patients are different, Dr. Beth Lundby uses technology to help customize her diagnosis. "People's anatomy, in general, is very different. So what my focus is on is asymmetry in the spine because we find that to be the rule, and not the exception. So when I take x-rays, I take that into account."

One tool she uses to help diagnose patients is a thermal scanner.

"When you have some sort of malfunction there, it puts pressure there. What ends up happening is it produces a heat reaction. That's what that scanner is looking for," she said.

Because Upper Cervical care is focused on a specific area of the neck and spine, Lundby uses a specially aligned x-ray machine.

"I take very, very specific x-rays for the top neck from different angles so I can see exactly what that patient's anatomy is," she said.

She can also use prisms to view x-rays. "I move the prism to that the two images get superimposed over each other and it creates a 3D view of the spine. So I can view all of the joints in the upper neck or the cervical spine."

Lundby also has a paperless patient record system.  

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