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Family Focus: Baby Crib Safety

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Your baby's crib should be the safest place for them to sleep, so what should expecting parents look for when buying their first crib? In 2011, Consumer Product Safety Commission banned drop sides for baby cribs. Some of the other changes were hardware and mattress support.

"They determined that drop sides can prevent the risk of strangulation or entrapment, and therefore decided that they would ban them. Often times, the drop side crib hardware becomes loose or nonexistent. When that happens, gaps can be created between the sleeping part, and the side of the crib posing that risk," said Julie Vallese, Managing Director of Government and Public Affairs for Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association.

It's always best to buy new, but if you can't afford a new one, make sure it's up to date.

"If you're using an older crib and can't purchase a new one, you should routinely look at it for maintenance. Make sure there are no loose or missing pieces. Those pieces should be connected tight, secure, and provide no caps in the crib. We all tune up our cars; we need to tune up our cribs too," said Vallese.

So, are parents making sure they are up to date in the latest safety protocols?

"I have a few friends that do daycare, so I find out through them what stuff needs to be up to date," said Samantha Barker, who is expecting her second child.

Other important things to pay attention to; always buy new, and keep only a fitted sheet on the mattress, don't crowd the area with blankets or stuffed animals.

"Often times a child in its infancy will roll up against the side of those, and it blocks their passage way. So those things present a hazard," said Vallese.

More tips for parents: keep the crib away from windows, and the hanging mobile out of baby's reach.

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