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Healthy Living Today: Caveman Diet

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By: Natalie Shepherd, WFLA-TV

Humans have come a long way since the days of the caveman, but a new diet is looking to the past for healthy inspiration.

It's often called the paleo diet, or the caveman diet. It's a craze that started in crossfit gyms around the Tampa Bay area, and it's growing in popularity.

The theory is, people should eat only what our ancestors would have been able to hunt and gather. That means meat, seeds, nuts, fruits and vegetables are on the menu. Those who follow the paleo diet believe those are the foods our bodies are best evolved to process. That means grains, beans and dairy products are out.

Jordann Windschauer first tried the paleo diet last fall.

"I did it for a month. It was a 30-day challenge," she explained. "I ended up losing five inches, and then we did it for a second month and I lost five more inches."

Windschauer said eating the paleo way gives her more energy. But she found she missed sweets and baked goods. So, she figured out how to make them for herself, and has launched a businesses called The Paleo Box.

"We've spent many months researching every ingredient to make sure it does follow exactly the paleo guidelines," she said.

Windschauer now bakes muffins, cookies, breads and granola and sells them online. She takes orders and delivers the products herself. She even makes her own almond butter and almond flour for her products.

"It's based off the chemical make up of the human body," she said. "It's basically what we need to survive."

She's only been in business for four months, but Windschauer is already considering expanding to a commercial kitchen.

"Everyone's hearing about it, and trying it and sharing it. The interest level in general is going up," she said.

Some restaurants are getting in on the paleo diet, too. Stevie Lanza operates his family's restaurant, Ciccio's on South Howard Avenue in Tampa. He's been on the paleo diet for several months and is considering adding about seven paleo items to the menu.

"I'll over-hear customers talking about it, and then get in the conversations, but there's no where to go to eat like that," Lanza said.

To contact the Paleo Box, go to

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