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Kids Programming


Popular Chica ("The Sunny Side Up Show'') gets her own show in this live-action/animation hybrid that promotes social-emotional development in preschoolers. Chica helps her mom and dad in the Costume Coop, a playful shop filled with whimsical costumes, and when the shop closes, she and her friends transform into animated characters and go on adventures that teach kids lessons, including one on an underwater adventure that teaches about cleanup time and another on a voyage with Vikings that explains why manners are important. Chica's buddies include best friend Kelly, huggable rag doll Stiches and pet rabbit Bunji.


Noodle and Doodle, an instructional series, features creating art projects and cooking projects around a specific theme. Host, Sean, drives around in a double-decker bus fully equipped with art supplies and a kitchen, ready for any assignment. The projects encourage parent engagement and often feature families working together to make something to display within the child's home. Sean's side-kick, Doggity, is an ever-faithful beagle who transforms into an animated character during interstitial trips to a parallel universe, set in a kitchen full of prank playing animated characters. The art projects typically promote utilizing recycled materials in order to demonstrate that creativity can transform something intended for one purpose into something that achieves a completely different goal.

10:00 A.M. – JUSTIN TIME

Justin Time features a little boy, Justin, who wants very much to master his destiny, have great adventures, and solve problems. He begins with a problem that vexes him and daydreams his way into an adventure that takes him to different places around the world, but also provides him with an experience that helps him solve his problem when he returns home. Justin is all about self-directed learning from the young child's perspective and imagination.

10:30 A.M. – TREE FU TOM

Tom is a boy with the power of movement magic -- tree fu -- which can transform him into a small-but-mighty superhero. As a superhero, he travels to Treetopolis, an enchanted kingdom -- really a tree in his backyard. It is in that magic place that Tom meets his friends: his sidekick Twigs, an energetic acorn sprite, an eccentric inventor Zigzoo, and others. Tom, Twigs and the gang go on action-filled adventures that usually encounter trouble, disaster or near catastrophe. When things get out of control, Tom relies on viewers to help save the day by performing tree fu moves of their own and passing their magic through the TV screen.

11:00 A.M. - LAZYTOWN

Lazy Town promotes fitness and healthful habits for preschool children. It takes place in an imaginary setting, Lazy Town, and most episodes relate children's eating and fitness habits to problem solving in their "real world." The lead character, Stephanie, guides the audience through the story. She and her best friends, a group of "human" puppets reside in Lazy Town, where her uncle is the Mayor Milford Meanswell. The ever-present theme of Lazy Town is to eat "sports candy" which consists of fruits and vegetables, get sufficient sleep, and go outside and engage in a wide range of physical activities, from playing games, holding athletic competitions, to building forts and play structures.

11:30 A.M. - ZOU

Zou is a French series based on the Zou books by Michel Gay. Targeted for children age 2-5, each episode explores the kind of learning issues that emerge from every day encounters in the life of a preschool child. If Zou plays his drums too loud, how can he learn to play them softly? If Zou wants a car, but has only a cardboard box, how can he transform it? If Zou lost his friend's favorite airplane, how does he explain? How can Zou be successful at baking a cake if he has never done it before? How can Zou muster the courage to go to the doctor when he's afraid of injections? These are big issues in the mind and life of a preschool child and Zou demonstrates how to have fun, ask for help, listen to advice, and try different solutions until he can commit to the strategy that works. The show says it, shows it, and does it, in the embedded and naturally occurring lesson within each episode.



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