Sabre Dogs and Minot Dream Catchers share Aaron's Field for an evening

BigSticks Baseball

Larks to participate in Home Run Derby

U-Mary softball coach resigns

Beyond the Score: Blake Ebo's comeback to baseball

Sports Spotlight: Ben Weaver

Friendly competition at Wee Links Golf Course

Pro's Pointer #12

Governors last stretch of the season

Shrine All-Star football

Megan Zander to UND

Larks All-Stars

Sabre Dogs intern's impressive road to the Magic City

North Dakota Special Olympians bring home 18 medals from Seattle

Junior & Cadet Nationals

DCMT Championship night

Beyond The Score: Mason Morelli's hockey comeback

Steckler’s last game together

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NBC News Headlines

Nicaraguan protester recounts gruesome torture

"They hit me with the gun and they said, 'No we're not going to kill you yet,'" Marco Novoa recalled.

Blast hits Kabul airport on return of exiled Afghan vice president

Vice President Abdul Rashid Dostum left the country last year amid allegations of sexual abuse and torture

Education program for inmates in South Africa honors Mandela's legacy

South Africa's new Prison to College Pipeline program seeks to address recidivism by providing prisoners with access to public university-level education.

Israel evacuates stranded Syrian volunteers in 'international effort'

The Israeli military said it acted on a government directive to evacuate the civilians at the request of the United States and "additional" European countries.

FBI makes public FISA warrant for former Trump campaign aide Carter Page

The documents appear to discount claims made by some Republicans that the FBI failed to properly disclose sources of information used to seek it.