3 killed, several injured in UK Parliament incident

Kids interrupt dad's live TV interview with BBC

Berlin truck crash investigated as act of terrorism

After year anniversary of the Iran Nuclear Deal, experts divided on the results

Canadian Police halt possible terrorist threat

Report: Several killed in shooting at Munich shopping mall

Turkish PM: Military taking illegal action

Truck slams into crowd of revelers in Nice, France

Istanbul airport attack: witnesses recount the terror

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Health Care Defeat Rattles Investors' Confidence in Trump

Coming so early in President Donald Trump's term, the blow heightens worries about the chances to enact measures to boost the economy.

U.S. Condemns Arrest of Russian Opposition Leader at Protest

A Reuters reporter saw police detain Alexei Navalny on Moscow's Tverskaya Street and put him in a police truck.

'Catastrophic Loss': 33 Reptiles Killed at Tennessee Zoo

Zoo Knoxville is investigating what killed the animals.

Controversial Mural at University of Kentucky Uncovered

A mural at the University of Kentucky was shrouded in 2015 by the University President after hearing concerns that the mural was demeaning to black students. Now, it is publicly visible again. The fix? A plaque.

Las Vegas Gunman Opened Fire 'for No Apparent Reason'

Rolando Cardenas is accused of killing one person and injuring another after he allegedly fired inside a bus on Las Vegas Boulevard.