Video: This shirt once offended Walmart



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Meek Mill is ready to fight bias in the criminal justice system

The rapper is now on a mission to "shine a light" on how the criminal justice system treats minorities.

Bush moved to regular hospital room, in good spirits

"As good as he feels now, he is more focused on the Houston Rockets closing out their playoff series," a statement from Bush's office said.

'Ugly predator': MSU dean hit with new sex allegations

Prosecutor says new allegations show Dr. William Strampel is an 'ugly predator."

Video shows fatal police shooting of 'Cops' soundman

"It's a critical piece of evidence," said an attorney for Bryce Dion's family. "The videos don't lie."

Toronto officer who held his fire says he was just doing his job

Constable Ken Lam is "very selflessly saying he doesn't deserve all the credit," Deputy Police Chief Peter Yuen said.