Class-A Girls and Boys Basketball Polls

Wilton Miner's cheerleaders are back

Record bighorn shot in Grassy Butte

Minnesota Viking merchandise sales spike after victory

Minot State Showcases Bubble at Open house

State Capitol pays tribute to NDSU's 6th Championship

Bison Championship gear in stock in Bismarck

National Men's Curling qualifiers held in Bismarck

Bison fans celebrate across the state

Bison Claim FCS Championship Title

FCS Championship Game: NDSU vs. James Madison

Kraft Hockeyville voting now open

Bison fan bus leaves for Texas

Mandan High becomes fourth school in clay target league

Tax reform impacting college sports

Sports Spotlight: Josh Sipes and Kade Amundson

Aaron Bliven cheers on the Tauros

Sports Spotlight: Tonya Dvorak

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NBC News Headlines

Gymnastics doctor complains it's too hard to listen to victim stories

Former gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar complained about Judge Rosemarie Aquilina and his mental health in a letter to the court.

Russia, Iran open their arms as NATO ally loses patience with U.S.

Relations between the U.S. and Turkey have hit an new low over Washington's support of militias battling against the Islamic State.

Deputy fatally shoots 16-year-old in Ohio courtroom

A Franklin County, Ohio, sheriff's deputy fired a shot after allegedly being attacked by family members as a teen was court, and the 16-year-old was struck.

13 captive siblings allowed to eat once a day, shower twice a year

The home in Perris, California, was a veritable prison, where some of the 13 children, were chained to furniture, a law enforcement official with knowledge of the case told NBC News

India joins 'super-exclusive club' by test-firing nuclear-capable ICBM

India test-launched its 3,100-mile-range Agni-V ICBM weapon in what its defense minister called "a major boost" to the county's military capabilities.