Gov. Dalrymple's State of the State Address

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The state is doing better than ever. That was the message Governor Jack Dalrymple had for lawmakers today during his State of the State address.

Before telling lawmakers where the state is today, Gov. Jack Dalrymple let them know how far we've come by pointing out a 2004 USA Today article.

"'Big cities lure away North Dakota youth,' it says." says Dalrymple.

But since then, the state has added more than 106 new jobs.

"Our economic growth is creating many benefits all across North Dakota. We also know that growth comes with its own challenges, and we remain committed to meeting them head on," adds Dalrymple.

Those challenges he says include the need for better infrastructure, more affordable housing and managing growth in schools.

In their response, Democrats said they plan to hold the majority party accountable to addressing those and other needs.

"It's not just impacts on housing, impacts on infrastructure, as important as those are. We've also seen quality of life threatened here in North Dakota. So we're for strong families, safe communities and making North Dakota stronger, not just this session but in the decades to come," says Senate Minority Leader Mac Schneider.

Lawmakers will have plenty of opportunities to address those needs this session. Plans are already in the works to provide emergency surge funding for western needs, address the human trafficking issues in the state and invest in K through 12 education.

Tomorrow the chief justice of the North Dakota Supreme Court will give lawmakers an update on the State of the Judiciary.