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Pence Seeks to Calm Jittery European Leaders Jolted By Trump

The disquiet felt among EU leaders during the first weeks of the Trump administration was clearly on display at the event in Brussels.

Trans Ecuadorians Vote for 1st Time According to Affirmed Gender

Ecuadorean transgender people voted for the first time according to their affirmed gender, in what activists say is a sign of progress in the socially conservative nation.

Russia Denies It Backed Bid to Assassinate Pro-Western PM

Officials in Montenegro say they have evidence "Russian state bodies" were involved in a failed attempt to overthrow the pro-Western government.

President Trump Won't Be Shortest-Serving U.S. President

President Trump has reached his 32nd day in office. That small victory means, despite the demands of his detractors, Trump will not be America's shortest-serving president.

Travel Ban Highlights Division in Diverse Communities

A blue collar community with a substantial Muslim population is at odds over Donald Trump's travel ban.