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What Does A Rise in Obamacare Premiums Mean?

Delighted Republicans celebrated news that Obamacare premiums are going up by more than 20 percent on average. But the price hikes affect only a few.

Pipeline Protest Closes Highway

North Dakota's Highway 1806 has been shut down after Native American protesters targeting the Dakota Access Pipeline set up their own roadblock south of Fort Rice over the weekend. KFYR's Bo Evans reports.

Obama Just Got Trolled on Snapchat... By His Daughters

Obama's youngest daughter, Sasha, taught the president how to use Snapchat - while sneakily recording him lecturing her on social media.

FSA Rebels Battle ISIS in Northern Aleppo

Video not verified by NBC News purports to show fighters from the Turkish-backed Sultan Murad Division taking on ISIS in northern Aleppo province.

Sec. Carter: ISIS Could Seek Revenge for Offensives in Raqqa, Mosul

DoD Secretary Carter said ISIS could seek revenge against Europe or the U.S. for a planned offensive in Raqqa, Syria and ongoing Mosul assault.