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Fierce Fighting as Syrian Troops Besiege Aleppo

Syrian military video purports to show troops battling anti-Assad forces in an attempt to cut off supply lines to all rebel-held areas of Aleppo.

Restaurant Fires Two Workers Who Refused to Serve Va. Cop

"Discrimination of any kind is never tolerated at Noodles & Company," the company said in a statement.

Heavy Philadelphia Storms to Stall Democrats' Getaway

A flash flood watch was in effect through Friday morning for Philadelphia, where delegates and protesters were packed in for the last day of the DNC.

Russian Intelligence Hacked DNC Emails: U.S. Officials

Many officials also believe the Russians provided the emails to WikiLeaks, but there's no definitive proof.

Turkey Shuts 131 Media Outlets as Post-Coup Purges Deepen

The United States said the detention of more journalists in Turkey was part of a "troubling trend."