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Voters' Minds Hard to Change Despite Dramatic Debate

Jacob Soboroff, MSNBC correspondent, talks with Ohio voters who watched the first presidential debate about their impressions and whether they heard a

Same-Sex Parents Fight for Rights in Chile

Claudia Amigo and Claudia Calderón are fighting for their own parental rights in Chile, along with those of other same-sex parents across the country.

Terrifying Moment as Typhoon Sends Scaffold Flying

At least one person was injured when Typhoon Megi swept scaffolding from a high-rise construction site in central Taiwan.

'Toy Smuggler' Risks Life to Bring Smiles to War Zone

"They don't feel we're just giving them a toy, they feel that we're backing them," says Rami Adham, who regularly travels from Finland to Syria.

Bombs Hit Mosque, Conference Hall in Germany: Police

No one was injured in the blasts, which officials said likely had "xenophobic" motive.