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'We Won't Step Down': 140 Arrested at Dakota Pipeline Site

Authorities arrested 141 protesters heading into the early hours of Friday, culminating a more than 6-hour standoff between activists and police.

Gov. Pence Tells Supporters About FBI's Look into New Clinton Emails

The crowd of Donald Trump supporters in Bensalem, Pennsylvania was obviously pleased upon hearing the FBI is investigating new Hillary Clinton emails.

Kenyan Albino Beauty Pageant Defies Stigma

The star-studded beauty pageant in Kenya's capital was like others elsewhere, except for one thing- all contestants had albinism.

FBI Reviewing New Emails 'Pertinent' To Clinton Email Probe

FBI Director James Comey wrote Congress Friday that the agency is investigating additional emails discovered as part of a separate review.

Russia Accuses U.S. Coalition of War Crimes in Syria

A military spokesman said false information about Russian airstrikes was being used to distract from U.S.-led attacks on civilian targets.