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Our Airstrike Killed ISIS' Second-in-Command, Russia Says

Abu Mohammed Al-Adnani, whose real name is Taha Sobhi Falaha, persistently called for attacks against the West.

Vets Rally Behind Embattled NFL Star Over Anthem Protest

Veterans are rallying behind Colin Kaepernick amid accusations the quarterback's anthem protest was anti-military.

Three-Foot Storm Surge Possible Amid Hurricane Watch

A triple weather threat loomed Wednesday with storms set to hit parts of the Gulf Coast, Southeast and Hawaii.

'Severe' Turbulence Sends 12 on United Jet to Hospital

Flight 880 was traveling from Houston to London when it was diverted to Shannon, Ireland, on Wednesday.

Bystanders Rescue Elderly Woman From Burning Car

A runaway tractor-trailer led to a 10-car pileup in Binghamton, New York. Newly released dashcam video shows one of the cars engulfed in flames with a