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NBC News Headlines

First Lady: Trump Threatening 'Very Idea of America'

Michelle Obama warned that Donald Trump wants 'to make this election so dirty and so ugly that we ... say, "We just don't want any part of it."'

U.S. Service Member Killed in Northern Iraq

The service member's vehicle hit an IED near Mosul, where more than 100 U.S. personnel are embedded with local forces in an offensive to retake the city from ISIS.

Politics, Competing Groups Complicate Fight for Mosul

The competition, prejudice and lack of trust between several groups battling ISIS are complicating the fight for Mosul as much as any terror attack.

Phoenix Police Release 911 Calls to Catch Serial Killer

The suspect has killed seven people in nine ambushes since March.

Obama: Trump's Talk of Rigged Election is Dangerous

President Obama says Donald Trump is undermining the American democracy and doing our enemies work for them by suggesting the presidential election is rigged.