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Philippines' Duterte says he supports same-sex marriage

The controversial leader vowed to protect the rights of gays and lesbians and invited them to nominate a representative to work in his government.

Rohingya refugees tell harrowing tales of rape

Violent rape is so common for Rohingya Muslim refugees fleeing Myanmar that women talk about it openly, startled aid workers say.

CDC can say 'fetus,' insists there's no ban on words

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said on Monday that it had not banned any words, contradicting reports that seven words had been forbidden.

ESPN president resigns, cites substance abuse

Skipper said he is resigning to focus on taking care of a substance abuse problem that he has been dealing with for years.

Lead singer of South Korean boy band SHINee dies at 27

The death of Kim Jong- hyun, 27, is a blow to the massive worldwide fan base that Korea's "K-pop" music has attracted in recent years.