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Hundreds Face Every Homeowner's Worst Nightmare

Foundations are crumbling in hundreds of homes in Connecticut.

ISIS Suicide Attacks Unfold On Camera Near Mosul

John Irvine, a correspondent for NBC News' British partner ITV, was on the front line with Iraqi special forces when they came under attack.

ISIS Fighters Lived Here Until They Ran for Their Lives

Iraqi and Kurdish forces launched their biggest push toward Mosul as ISIS operatives are forced to flee through a series of underground tunnels.

Multiple Blasts Reported as ISIS Fighters Attack Iraqi City

Local Kurdish television channel Rudaw aired footage showing black smoke rising over the city as extended bursts of automatic gunfire rang out.

Politics, Competing Groups Complicate Fight for Mosul

The competition, prejudice and lack of trust between several groups battling ISIS are complicating the fight for Mosul as much as any terror attack.