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Experts: Saudi Arabia May Still Fight Back against 9/11 lawsuit bill

Saudi Arabia has diplomatic and commercial tools it could respond with following the passage of a bill allowing 9/11 victims' families to sue.

Train in N.J. Crash Didn't Have This Important Fail-Safe

What's more, not a single New Jersey Transit employee been trained how to use the positive train control system, according to a federal report.

Boko Haram Puts Kids at Risk of Famine - UN

As many as 75,000 children will die over the next year in famine-like conditions created by Boko Haram if donors don't respond quickly, UNICEF says.

At Least 3 Dead, 75 Injured After New Jersey Train Crash

'It was for a couple seconds, but it felt like an eternity,' a passenger said. 'I saw a woman pinned under the concrete. A lot of people were bleeding, one guy was crying.'

Colombia May Receive Nobel Peace Prize for Ending Decades of War

Colombia will possibly be receiving a Nobel Peace Prize next week due to the signing of a peace accord that has ended half-century of war.