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Strong Quake Hits Central Italy: 'The Town Isn't Here Anymore'

The 6.2 magnitude quake struck about 100 miles northeast of Rome.

Germany Debates Troops on Streets for 1st Time Since WWII

The proposal has proved controversial in a country only seven decades removed from totalitarian rule that's grappling with guilt from the Nazi era.

Tearful Priest Laments 'Immense Tragedy' of Italy Earthquake

Father Savino D'Amelio was moved to tears by the deadly quake in his Amatrice Parish.

Video Captures Scale of Destruction After Italy Quake

The full extent of the devastation in the central Italian town became evident after daybreak.

Backpacker Stabbed to Death, Two Others Wounded

Police said the suspect — who shouted "Allahu akbar" both during the attack and while being arrested — did not have any known links to terrorism.