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Take a Tour of ISIS Tunnels Around Mosul

Iraqi special forces walked journalists through the ISIS tunnel networks underneath villages retaken during the advance on Mosul.

Trump Son: My Dad Started the Birther Conversation

Donald Trump blamed Hillary Clinton for birtherism, but his son Eric told a Trump biographer his father "started the conversation."

Obama's Quiet Mission to Export Gay Rights Overseas

While the world was watching America's gay rights transformation, the Obama administration was pursuing a quieter mission to export the same freedoms abroad.

ISIS Moves Civilians to Mosul as Human Shields: Reports

"[ISIS] took all of us from our homes at gunpoint and told us they were taking us with them to Mosul."

Voters Worry More About Drugs Than Obamacare

Obamacare is getting a lot of headlines this week, but voters say they care more about high drug prices.