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Cosby's Lawyers Say He Is 'Legally Blind'

They are making his eyesight an issue in his sexual abuse case.

Russia Gets Hacked: Payback's A Borscht

Ukrainian hackers posted emails showing Russia's involvement in the separatist movement that has waged war in the Ukraine.

U.S. Officials: Iran Supplying Weapons to Yemen's Houthi Rebels

The U.S. says Iran supplied weapons to Yemen Houthis — including coastal defense cruise missiles like the ones fired at American Navy ships.

Authorities Move In on Dakota Access Pipeline Protesters

Authorities in riot gear began to remove protesters of the Dakota Access Pipeline who were trespassing on private property, arresting several of them.

Deputy In Disguise Busts Distracted Drivers

Deputies in Arapahoe County, Colorado are using an interesting technique to bust distracted drivers...disguising themselves as panhandlers. KUSA's Noel Brennan reports.