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Kalashnikov Statue Included a Monumental Mistake

Workers cut out part of a new monument to Mikhail Kalashnikov, inventor of the legendary AK-47 assault rifle, after it mistakenly depicted a German WWII weapon.

Cuba Tells U.N. It Has Clean Hands in U.S. Embassy Mystery

Twenty-one Americans have suffered effects from mysterious sonic incidents apparently targeting embassy staff in Havana.

911 Outages Imperil Public Safety in Cincinnati and Elsewhere

According to an internal city document obtained by NBC, Cincinnati has had 10 911 outages since June 2016. The latest one lasted three and a half hours.

What Would Happen if North Korea Tested an H-Bomb?

There could be political and actual fallout if the North Koreans defy President Trump and do the first atmospheric test of a hydrogen bomb in 37 years.

Forest Service, Idaho to Boost Logging on Federal Land

The U.S. Forest Service and Idaho have forged 10 agreements for logging and restoration projects on federal land.